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Information about NMC

NMC is a new company based in Kuwait and was established in 2019 and joined the health sector with a different perspective aimed at improving health services in the State of Kuwait. Our health services are not only limited to the establishment of hospitals and the opening of specialized clinics but also to the method of managing these hospitals, improving the quality of their services and solving hospital issues. The most important pillar on which NMC is based is providing medical services to citizens and residents necessitates that we search for shortcomings and defects in health institutions in order to provide their needs and grow in the field of services provided quickly and professionally to achieve the benefits they hope for from the health system and its management, starting with the health institution and ending with the staff working in it.

NMC is an ambitious company that seeks to become, in the coming years, one of the most prominent companies active in the health field, and employs all its capabilities to reach this goal with its national cadres who are passionate about work and the experiences. It possesses with a smart developmental vision that keeps pace with the era of artificial intelligence.


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